Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pierson Charles is here!

Hey all! Again, I've been really bad about posting.
This will be a little long, but I know I love reading these!
We went in at 5:00 on Friday morning (the induction didn't work on Tuesday). B hadn't progressed on her own at all so they weren't very hopeful that it would happen. After about 2 hours on the pitocin they checked her again and nothing. I was getting pretty frustrated because I felt like we were there for no reason.... again.
We were all just chilling in the room reading, watching TV, or napping when at about 11:45 B said that she thought that her water broke. I about lost it because I knew that one way or another he would be coming soon. Then all hell broke loose. Before her water broke she hadn't been having contractions at all. Now all of a sudden they were horrible. I felt so badly for B because she had to have a natural birth (she has rods in her back and can't get an epidural - they tried 5 times).
Jason and I stayed in the room, but off behind the curtain during the labor (I had to leave a couple of times to go for a walk because I couldn't handle it). The doctor checked her and she had progressed to 6 cm. He left and said he'd be back later. At about 3:15 she couldn't help but start pushing. And at 3:57 he was born (delivered by the nurses). When he first came out he had the cord around his neck which was extremely scary, but he started breathing on his own right away. As soon as he was out, B called for me to come in the room and I got to see him. I immediately hugged her and her mom and then watched what the nurses were doing to him. She kept asking the nurses to cover her up so that Jason could come into see him (she is amazing!).
We left the room for him to be cleaned up, have tests, etc. I got the bracelet put on my arm so that I could go into the nursery with him. Jason then got to see him for the first time. It was so neat to hold his hand while they were running all the tests on him. Then I got to feed him and Jason fed him as well (they let him in the nursery even though technically he wasn't allowed in there).
We kept looking at him trying to decide on a name. Connor, Brendan, or Pierson. We immediately threw out Connor. Then it was down to Brendan and Pierson. Jason went to see how B was doing and she asked what we named him. He told her that we still weren't sure. She said that she just loved the name Pierson. When he came back and told me that we just knew that was going to be his name. Charles is after my dad and Jason's grandfather.
It was a really emotionally charged couple of days in the hospital. The nurses there were wonderful to us and to B. One thing that I found out was that one of the nurses (the one who delivered him) asked B if this was hard for her. She said that it was, but that she never considered him to be her baby. "He was always Kathryn's baby." Of course that made me lose it. And there were many other things that happened that made me lose it.
I was a wreck on Sunday just sitting around waiting. When we finally got the call around 4:10 pm that everything was done and he was ours I started sobbing. Along with Jason and my dad. My mom wasn't in the room and was so excited when she came back and found out. We left the hospital as soon as possible to get home. I needed to get out of there and take my son home with me!
We've had some great days and sleepless nights so far and I'm sure that there will be lots more of that to come. He is really sweet and Jason and I are in love! I'm so thankful for him. I don't know how to post pics here so I will try to do that later.