Monday, February 18, 2008

The meeting da da duh!

We had our first face to face meeting with our potential birthmom yesterday. She was very sweet. Our conversation was a little awkward for about 2 or 3 minutes and then it started flowing really well. I have found out what I have in common with a 17 year old.... VH1 and MTV! We spent a lot of time talking about baaaaaad TV and her starting her GED classes.
We had a different facilitator from the agency with us than who we expected, but we were actually glad about that. The one that we thought was going to be there acted a little oddly (in my opinion) during our meeting with our 1st potential birthmom. The thing that was weird about this meeting is that the facilitator brought her boyfriend (???). I think it was because it was a last minute thing for her, but I'm not sure. Anyway, everything ended up being fine and we didn't need her at all. She didn't really say anything to us, but that is because she didn't have to! Unlike the first time when our facilitator (different from the 2 mentioned here) was a mute.
After lunch we actually drove her home and got to meet her mom and her son. Her mom was also a really warm person. Her son was sick, but his smile lit up the room when we walked in. We didn't stay for long, but we did give her our phone number (which she said she already had) and our email address. She asked us to come with her to her next doctor's appointment on March 4th.
She mentioned that she really likes CSI and I told her about the exhibit. I think that we're going to see if we can go to that with her sometime soon.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Due to popular request....

I am THE WORST blogger. It doesn't even cross my mind to post until someone points out to me that they are waiting for an update!
We talked with the birthmom on Thursday night. It was a little awkward, but generally a good conversation. The conversation seemed a lot more natural than it did with the other birthmom that we were talking to. We have quite a bit in common. The agency is trying to set up an in person meeting between us and B sometime this weekend. I am hoping that the first "facilitator" (and I use that term loosely) that we had is not there and that it is someone else. I honestly feel like we would do much better without her there. But, if it is someone else from the agency I think we'll be okay. Or, I would even feel comfortable doing it without anyone from the agency there.
I am a little excited, but not as excited as I was before. Not because of this birthmom or anything to do with her, but I just can't allow myself to get my hopes up. Besides, this does not seem real to me yet. I think that I'll believe it when I have a baby in my arms.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Take 2!

We got a call from the agency today. There is another birthmom that wants to meet with us. She is due in early May. We are going to have a telephone conference with her on Thursday night and then depending on how things go we are going to meet with her in person (she lives 2 to 3 hours away). And, again, we are the only people she wants to meet with.
I am not as nervous about this meeting as I was with the first one because I've "been there done that". I also think that it being over the phone may be better because Jason and I can nudge each other and write down questions and information.
I'll let you know how it goes. This may end up being the best birthday present ever (I turned 34 today - was dreading it, but it may not end up being so bad).