Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What a week!

I know that I didn't post about last week's appointment. I know. I'm a bad, bad blogger. Baxter was very ill and between trying to get him healthy again and trying to get ready for a baby I've been very busy!

We took Baxter to the vet on Monday night because he was having some "issues". They gave him some meds and he seemed to be better. By Thursday morning he was having difficulty breathing. Of course Jason was out of town so I started freaking out. I took him back into the vet and he ended up spending the night hooked up to an IV. He was very dehydrated and in pain because of his gastrointestinal issues. That is why he was having trouble breathing. It was incredibly scary. But, he has his 'tude back so I know he is 100%.

But, if you're reading this blog, you're probably not interested in my furbaby! So, back to the appointments with B.

Last week's appointment was really noneventful. The doctor was too busy to even be a jerk to us. We went out and had ice cream afterwards and then went home (to take care of Baxter).

This week the doctor examined B and said that he wanted to see her again on Monday because if she is ready he will induce her on TUESDAY, APRIL 29TH. We didn't go back in the room with her, so we're not exactly sure what he is looking for on Monday, but we hope that he sees it! She will be 39 weeks on Monday so I would assume that she is good to go. So, we're planning on driving down there on Monday for the appointment and staying until our son is born.

While B was back in the exam room we talked with the social worker. She was also the person that went to appointments with us for our first match. We were telling her that even though it hurt like hell to have the first match not work out, we just feel so much more comfortable with B. I really see us having a relationship with her and I don't know that I could see that with the first pbm (V). Everything has just been so easy with B whereas it wasn't with V. The social worker told us that she thought our match was "a match made in heaven". She also confirmed what we had suspected that V was scamming the agency. She never intended to place. I am so thankful that she ended her scam when she did because if she hadn't we would not have had the opportunity to meet and match with B. I really know now how lucky we are!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, Kat. It's going to be a wonderful, crazy few weeks ahead!

Looking forward to the next update,

katd said...

Today is the day??? Just checking in and letting you know you're in my thoughts! :)

Stacey, Marc and Drew said...

Definitely thinking of you today and hope that you are busy snuggling with your son.